Dr. Jake Sequeira

Jake-SequeiraDr. Sequeira is an intern with the UF Health Department of Pediatrics.  Jake was born and raised in Virginia and decided it was time to leave the mountains and head south after meeting the residents and faculty at UF.  During his time at the hospital, he assisted a patient who delivered her son at 26 weeks. She says, “My son had Dr. Jake on two rotations, including the one leading up to discharge. Dr. Jake was there for my son through bacterial meningitis, possible heart surgery, a craniotomy to remove a subdural empyema…the list goes on. Dr. Jake kept my husband and I well informed at all times on my son’s condition and care he was getting. If I was unsure of anything I could call him but he would normally beat me to the punch and call me. He would call one to two times a day for updates even if there was no change. Dr. Jake has a true connection with his patients, even when they are so tiny. Dr. Jake gave us the best news possible. “Are you ready to take your son home?” he asked on the phone. My family and I will never forget just how wonderful Dr. Jake Sequeira was to all of us. He is a true hero in our eyes.”