James Ivey, M.D.

IveyPalms Medical Group would like to nominate Dr. James Ivey for his dedication to the patients he serves within the Palms Medical Group Gainesville facility.

In his own words, Dr. Ivey says, “I have probably evolved with regard to my reasons for practicing medicine. It has come to the point that, in my medical endeavors, I live for those times when I can give to a patient something he or she has never previously received from a physician, and these are: first, taking enough time with the person that I teach them some important things about their health that they previously had no idea about — important things that pertain to them personally. Second, those times when I resolve a problem for them that they have wrestled with for years and which has not been previously resolved because no one has looked in depth at their problem, probably for lack of time spent. Third, times when I do something like a trucker’s physical and the patient says it is the best physical he or she has ever had. I also love to mentor.”