Tami Higdon

TamiHigdonAt North Florida Regional Medical Center, there is a very unique person who has devoted her life to being a source of strength to those who need a listening ear, and to those who are taking their last breaths here on earth.  Tami Higdon is one of the staff Chaplains at NFRMC.  She is well known for her wide, genuine smile and her hardy and soul-encouraging laugh. Tami spends most of her time at NFRMC hurrying to the ICU or ED to comfort families whose loved ones are experiencing devastating news or diagnosis.  She gently helps the weary soul who is facing death to release the bonds of pain and suffering here to move on to their next great adventure.

Tami also has a special affinity for helping NFRMC employees.  Tami uses her compassion to listen and help employees make difficult decisions every day during her busy day. Her ability to put herself in another’s place, to feel what they feel, to take that in and help the person navigate the troubled waters they tread,  takes a special person, blessed with special abilities and insights into herself and life in general. NFRMC is extremely blessed that she makes such a difference.