Dr. John Nackashi

Dr. Nackashi is the medical director of the Pediatric Integrated Care System or Ped-I-Care (pronounced peedee care), a health insurance plan for children with special needs in low-income families. Under Dr. Nackashi’s leadership, the Florida Department of Health expanded Ped-I-Care coverage from 20 counties in the state to more than 50. His management approach is centered on offering the most effective, efficient, and least-restrictive health care solutions that are also the most appropriate for the children he serves. Ped-I-Care has become a nationwide model of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare for children and the program has won several awards for innovation in improving community health.

Dr. Nackashi is respected internationally for his medical research and many scholarly contributions to pediatrics. As a craniofacial specialist, he is an expert in the field whose guidance has been sought out by colleagues around the world. He is a former UF Teacher of the Year in the department of pediatrics and a tireless advocate for children. His colleagues consider him the quintessential modern-day physician-executive whose medical education and experience have placed him in a position to best serve the children of Florida.