2015 Honorees

Nackashi John

Dr. John Nackashi

September 1st

Dr. Nackashi is the medical director of the Pediatric Integrated Care …


Tami Higdon

September 2nd

At North Florida Regional Medical Center, there is a very unique…

Sheridan Martin

Dr. Sheridan Martin

September 3rd

UF Health nominated Audiologist Dr. Sheridan Martin for improving the quality…


Ashlee Allen

September 4th

Ashlee Allen is a nurse in the UF Health Burn Center…


Dr. Bruce Thomas

September 8th

Palms Medical Group would like to nominate Dr. Bruce Thomas for…


Richard Grosso

September 9th

Richard has been a Munroe Regional Medical Center Volunteer since 2008…


Jeanne Wilson

September 10th

Jeanne is a radiation therapist working with the cyber knife at…


Dr. James Ivey

September 11th

Palms Medical Group would like to nominate Dr. James Ivey for…


Delores Belanger

September 14th

Delores is the Program Assistant for the Diabetes Hospital Program and…

susan cooper

Susan Cooper

September 15th

Susan Cooper is a nurse in the Women’s Health department at…


Dr. Olga (Kiki) Nin

September 16th

Dr. Nin became an Assistant Professor on September 1st 2014 after…


Richard Croteau

September 17th

Richard is the Lead Supervisor of patient meals at Munroe Regional…


Mary Anne Hitson

September 18th

Mary Anne Hitson is the Public Health Nutrition Program Director for…


Dr. Maurine Batson

September 21st

Dr. Batson is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrician…


Megan Reimer

September 22nd

Megan Reimer is a Health Educator the Florida Department of Health…


Victoria Nolan

September 23rd

Victoria Nolan is always happy; the smile on her face shows her…


Mary Anne Jackson

September 24th

Mary Anne Jackson is a Senior Clerk for the Florida Department…


Dr. Jake Sequeira

September 25th

Dr. Sequeira is an intern with the UF Health Department of…